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      Best of Psychologically Speaking - 2018    What an amazing year 2018 has been!     Thank you to our blog followers who have inspired our team to share on topics that impact so many of our lives.    After launching our blog in February of this year, we wanted to give a recap of some of the year’s most popular blogs and get our readers excited for what’s to come in 2019!   Catch up on blogs you missed or reread your favorites! Here is a recap of our 10 most popular blogs from the past year:     1.   “IS MY CHILD ADDICTED TO VIDEO GAMES?”       






     This blog dove into the growing epidemic of video game addiction, helping parents to understand warning signs and discover loving and effective interventions.   2.    “MY KID STILL WETS THE BED. WHAT SHOULD I DO?”          






     In this blog we uncovered reasons that can contribute to an older child’s bedwetting and shared expert tips on helping your kid achieve more dry nights.      3.    HOW TO CARE FOR AGING PARENTS WHILE RAISING A FAMILY: 8 TIPS FOR THE SANDWICH GENERATION         






     This blog shed light on the pressures and struggles of the sandwich generation – adults responsible for raising kids while also caring for their aging parents. We shared 8 practical tips to care for your family members without compromising your own self-care.      4. TALKING TO YOUR TEEN ABOUT PUBERTY:     SON EDITION       DAUGHTER EDITION           












       Watching your kids transition from children to adults is exciting, but it also comes with some awkward, confusing, and uncomfortable moments. Our team shared pointers for parents on connecting and communicating with their sons and daughters throughout puberty.      5.    CO-PARENTING OVER SUMMER: 10 TIPS FOR A DRAMA FREE VACAY         






     Vacations can be a tough time to co-parent when schedules are thrown to the wind and both sides have varying plans. Check out this blog for tips on making co-parenting a breeze during your kid’s next break from school.     6.    5 TIPS FOR RAISING EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT CHILDREN         






     Our specialists explained the critical importance of EQ in your child’s development and shared their top 5 tips in ensuring your child’s healthy emotional growth     7.    GRADUATE STUDENT’S GUIDE TO TEST ACCOMMODATIONS         






     In this blog we cracked the code of applying for accommodations on graduate and professional exams such as the LSAT, MCAT, GRE, NCLEX, CBEST, GMAT, Cosmetology Exam, Contractor’s Exam, and Bar Exam. We provided tons of direct links and resources to make your life a whole lot easier!     8.    SHOULD MY CHILD HAVE AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL? 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW            






     What’s the difference between an emotional support animal (ESA) and a service animal? Can an ESA benefit your child emotionally? Would your kid qualify? Check out this blog to find out!      9.     “AM I AN EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT PARENT?” 6 TIPS FOR MOMS & DADS TO BOOST THEIR EQ         






     Every parent wants their kid to have a high EQ, but how does your EQ measure up? This blog helps parents evaluate their own emotional intelligence and provides 6 tips to parent with a high EQ.      10.    “HOLD YOUR PEEPEE!” 12 TIPS TO HELP YOUR CHILD MANAGE IMPULSIVITY          






     Do you have an impulsive kid? Then you’ll appreciate this popular blog chocked full of useful tips to get your child to “hold their pee pee!” and think before they act.      Bonus Blog!     Click    here    to check out how Variations started with the brain behind the blog & practice,  Dr. Marta M. Shinn      






      2018 - That’s a Wrap!  Stay tuned for our exciting lineup of topics in 2019!      Our team appreciates our readers and we are excited to share on more impactful topics in 2019. We will be addressing psychological issues for infants, children, teens, young adults, men, women, and seniors.    Need a topic for coffee talk?   Chat about  Psychologically Speaking  each week with your friends and family! Share and encourage your loved ones to subscribe to our blog and learn expert tips on empowering your families together.    Subscribe to  Psychologically Speaking here       
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Best of Psychologically Speaking - 2018

What a great year 2018 has been for our blog! Thank you to all of our followers for your support – we hope you’ve gotten a lot out of this year’s articles. Check out this week’s blog for a recap of our 10 most popular blogs in 2018.