Cynthia R. Johnson, M.A

Specialization: Parenting, Child Therapy

Cynthia specializes in providing parents of all ages with parenting and child behavior management strategies. Cynthia likes to work with families in the early stages of conflict, so that problems may be prevented before they impact other aspects of family life. She understands that today’s families experience many challenges ranging from everyday stressors to significant childhood disorders. She works to alleviate family stress by enhancing the parent-child relationship through positive communication and targeted parenting/ co-parenting techniques. She provides individual therapy, family therapy, and child play therapy. Cynthia is certified in the following evidenced based practices: Trauma-Focused Behavioral Therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Managing and Adapting Practices, and Triple P.

Education: Masters in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, Bachelor’s in Psychology and Social Behavior

License/Registration: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #91069

Fee: $175: 45 minutes

Insurance: none accepted

Phone Number: (949) 288-3466


Cynthia is not accepting new patients at this time.


  • "I have learned so much working with Cynthia. She has made me feel more confident in my parenting skills. I now have a much closer relationship with my son. I see that there is more enjoyment and laughter when we are together. At the same time I feel like am able to discipline him appropriately, without things getting out of hand. Cynthia was able to work at my pace and help me understand where I needed to make changes. Cynthia was able to help me manage my own anxiety and taught me how that was impacting our relationship as well. Cynthia really listened to the problems I was having at home with my son and was able to give me useful techniques to practice."
    Mother of a 4-year-old male with distruptive
  • "My daughter loves talking with Cynthia. My daughter has learned so much and continues to work on the homework Cynthia gives her, when she is feeling upset. I like seeing this because I know she is learning to manage her anxiety and depression on her own. I have learned a lot about how to support my daughter and the changes I can make. I have learned a different way to talk and listen to my daughter, which has really bettered our relationship."
    Mother of a 9-year-old female with anxiety and depression