Dr. Daniella A. Davis, Psy.D.

Specialization: Women's Issues - life changes, stressors, improved relationships, and emotional wellbeing. 

I specialize in providing women with support and guidance through life transitions. Some of life’s most positive transitions may bring about fear and stress, whether it’s having a new baby, preparing to leave for college for the first time, learning to adjust as an empty nester, or even a welcomed divorce.  Other life transitions such as menopause, parenting teens or adult children, caring for an elderly parent, or challenges in our personal relationships may bring about emotional distress and we feel out of control, like our life is not our own. As a woman, I understand our unique challenges that may bring about depression, anxiety, and stress. When talking to your girlfriends doesn’t seem to be enough, sometimes we need some extra help.  I am trained to teach you coping skills to manage your symptoms and bring about mindful awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to bring about change.  By encouraging and supporting you in creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others, I can help you to stop being your own worst enemy and become your own best friend.   If you are interested in my services please give me a call to see if I am a good fit for you.

Education: Doctorate in Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Bachelor in Psychology

License/Registration: Registered Psychological Assistant # PSB4023543


$175: 45 minutes of counseling

$250 Hourly for diagnostic testing & reporting

Insurance: None accepted

Phone Number: (949) 891-2613

Email: drdavis@variationspsychology.com


  • "Dr. Davis has been a great help to me. She's taught me how to balance my work life, family life and my life as a caregiver for my disabled father. I am less stressed and have the coping skills to handle this phase of my life with joy. I will forever be grateful. Thanks Dr. Davis!"
    45-year-old female with anxiety
  • "When I first came to therapy I was really skeptical anyone could help me. Just out of a very long relationship, I was suffering from severe anxiety about my future. Dr. Davis was able to teach me the skills I needed to manage my anxiety and not focus on the past. She helped me change my perspective on life and made me hopeful again."
    24-year-old female
  • "I sought out therapy due to depression. Dr. Davis helped me to understand my symptoms and the connections between my thoughts and feelings. She helped pick up on what negative thinking patterns were contributing to my depression and change them to more positive thoughts. She also taught me some mindfulness skills that help me to sit back and be more at peace with my thoughts and feelings and not judge myself so much. Overall, I feel much happier and I’m no longer overwhelmed."
    39-year-old female