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Dr. Christopher J. Sample, Psy.D.

Specialization:  Men & Teenage Boys, Relationships

Dr. Sample specializes in supporting guys of all ages through tough life transitions. Men face a variety of unique obstacles throughout their lives, and Dr. Sample is experienced in helping men cope with challenges such as:

  • Marriage, divorce, relationship, and dating issues

  • Work stress and climbing the corporate ladder

  • Financial stress and the burden of providing for a family

  • Balancing roles of friend, family man, and professional

  • Self-esteem and identity

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Drug, alcohol, sex, or gaming addiction

  • Veteran’s issues including PTSD

  • Teenage Challenges

  • Young adulthood and independence

While a lot of guys could use some extra support in dealing with life’s stressors, many men have a hard time opening up about personal challenges. Dr. Sample understands the unique perspectives and obstacles that men face and provides a safe and comfortable place to overcome and work through difficult issues. Dr. Sample not only helps his clients build awareness around what they are thinking and feeling, but also learn the coping tools necessary to combat whatever may be holding them back. Dr. Sample knows about the pressures society puts upon men to not show emotion and to figure things out on their own rather than ask for help.  It actually takes more courage to admit to oneself that something is not right in one’s life and reach out to a professional to overcome it than it is to deny that a problem exists, make no changes, and continue to live a life unfulfilled.  If you are looking for change, a deeper understanding of who you are, or seek to achieve your full potential, feel free to call to see if Dr. Sample is a good fit for you.

Education:  Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Bachelors in Psychology

License/Registration: Licensed Psychologist #29870

Fees:  $200: 45 minutes

Insurance Accepted: Aetna

Don’t have Aetna? Use your own health insurance plan and benefits.  We are an out-of-network provider and our patients submit reimbursement claims through Better

Phone Number: (949) 423-3528

Email:  drsample@variationspsychology.com